Skull Wax Melts


Our pack of 4 skull shaped wax melts are available in a choice of 4 fragrances and colours.

Midnight Margarita (Green)- Has a zesty lime accord with notes of vanilla.

Dragon Fire (Gold)- Has luxurious fruity floral notes of ripe raspberries warmed with red and black peppercorn.

Evenstar (Purple)- With a warm and elevating scent, this rich glowing amber blend is enhanced by notes of luxury spice, dark balsamic fruits and sensual exotic forests.

Paeonia (White)- Features summer peonies in bloom with the bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower.

Black heart (Black)- Peppery basil, aromatic white thyme & a twist of lime

How to use- Remove a skull from the packet & place it on top of any suitable burner.